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Working Environment

Working Environment

Hung Phu aims to build a friendly working environment and creates many promotion opportunities. Board of Management always creates favorable conditions for employees to promote the highest abilities; encourages everyone to learn & cultivate the knowledge in order to be ready to undertake higher responsibilities, contribute and have a long-term commitment to the company.

Hung Phu is a place for people who are talented, brave, creative and enthusiastic in work with positive attitude, honesty in thinking and action, always work with passion and high responsibility. Each member of Hung Phu is always proactive, striving to learn and strive constantly to improve ourselves, always takes the company's culture: "Cooperation - Dedication - Prestige" as a guideline for all actions.

Hung Phu Staff is united and strong, all employees are always respected, listened and shared. All efforts and achievements of employees are recognized and rewarded fairly by Board of Management. Each employee feels that he/she is an important link contributing to the overall success regardless of any department or division.

Job Opportunities

Hung Phu always considers human resources as the core element and valuable asset of our enterprise. We have built a good and compact staff, with both ethics and talent. The recruitment goal of Hung Phu is to attract and welcome all candidates who want to work in a dynamic, creative and effective environment - where each individual can maximize their ability and specialized knowledge as well as their experience.

Training and development policy

Training and development is the motto of Hung Phu in order to help all staff to maximize their potential and career orientation that is personalized to help them to increasingly develop themselves and become future managers and leaders.

Training programs include:

- Cultural integration training for all employees.

- Professional training for employees.

- Short-term and long-term soft skills concentrated training.

- Training for inherited management and leadership team.

- Training to improve management skills for managers and leaders

In addition, employees working in Hung Phu will be internally trained through the following forms:

- On-the-job training from daily work, assigned tasks requiring the effort and exertion of employees.

- Giving opportunities: Be given the opportunity to hold important responsibilities in the work through which employees have the best development conditions.

Training and development policy


The view of human resources is one of the key factors to ensure sustainable development, HUNG PHU is committed to bringing attractive benefits and incentives to all employees.

- Rewards on major holidays of the year: April 30 and May 1, September 2, New Year, International Women's March 8 and Vietnamese Women's October 20;

- Year-end reward;

- Policies to take care of employees’ living: birthday gifts, Mid-Autumn Festival gifts, International Children Day's gifts, wedding gifts, birth gifts, maternity leave, sick visits, mourning, etc.;

- Lunch allowance, business allowances, allowances for telephone charges and transportation for senior management, etc.;

- Statutory annual leave;

- Annual team-building program to regenerate labor force and increase internal cohesion.

- Social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance under legal regulations.