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Corporate culture

With the spirit of “Cooperation-Dedication and Prestige”, Hung Phu's staff is aware that only cooperating with colleagues and customers can people understand each other, when there is opportunity to share and serve. It is in such sharing and serving, each person has the opportunity to learn, to enhance the value of knowledge and experience. In the meanwhile, it is also an opportunity to create and to demonstrate their professional competence. From their love of work and open cooperation, Hung Phu's staff will always cherish their colleagues and customers’ trust. Hung Phu understands that the spirit of “Cooperation and Dedication” is the essence to nurture our brand “Prestige”.

For Hung Phu, corporate culture is built at the core by the spirit of learning, creativity and experience. And, above all, building and preserving their sense of teamwork.

Each of Hung Phu's staff understands and aspires to build their success in employment, not just their success on a plan.

Hung Phu’s Board of Directors understands that human is the center of sustainable development, only human and conscious human can create a beautiful and solid collective. Therefore, activities associated with building corporate culture and staff awareness in Hung Phu are always taken seriously.