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Mr. Nguyen Anh Khiem

Mr. Nguyen Anh KhiemChairman of the Board of Directors

Dear Valued Customers, Partners and All Employees,

Hung Phu Real Estate Investment Corporation was established in 2001. After the time of formation and development, I am very pleased to look back at my own decisions for Hung Phu at every turning point of Vietnam's economy in general and real estate market in particular.

At the early stage, when Vietnam’s real estate market was very young and there was no university teaching about real estate, with the enthusiasm and the spiritual support from relatives, I boldly decided to invest in the first project of 8 hectares. At that time, I knew that there would be many difficulties because the scale of that project was over-ranging, the policies for real estate were not clear, and faced many other objective difficulties from the outside. But as an idiom “Every journey begins with the first step” so just started it. The success of Hung Phu 1 Project led to the success of Hung Phu 2 Project, Hung Phu - Phu Yen Project, etc. As the time flied, we accumulated experiences, land as well as observed the changes of economy and the development needs of the society.

Nowadays, with the sustainable development orientation, Hung Phu focuses on real estate development. We are constantly developing land fund, constructing buildings with high quality standards, creating green and clean living space, protecting natural environment, creating more options for people in need of housing and creating more investment channels for real estate investors.

With our enthusiasm, embracing many good ambitions of the community, Board of Management and young staff of Hung Phu continuously research, create and care for each product to achieve optimal efficiency and create a unique culture for Hung Phu brand, affirm the trust with valued customers and investors.

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Forming and Branding

2001 Hung Phu Trading-Service & Construction Co., Ltd was established, joining vibrant real estate market. Despite being under competitive pressure from businesses in the same industry, Hung Phu is still capable of creating itself a worthy position in real estate market from the quality of projects, construction works and from the trust of our customers.



Develop brand on an international level and affirm the brand

Based on our achievements, customers' trust and development potential of real estate market, in May 2007, Board of Management of Hung Phu decided to convert the company into corporation model with the name of Hung Phu Real Estate Investment Corporation.

Continuing to assert its brand with the signing of joint venture project with Keppel Land Singapore Group in Vietnam under the witness of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. This is a well-known project that is mentioned extensively in real estate industry: Riviera Cove Luxury Villas Area at Phuoc Long B Ward, District 9, HCMC.   



Integration and sustainable development

Despite of the achievements gained from the success of a series of projects, we are still not satisfied. Once again, Hung Phu decided to follow the motto "Integration and Sustainable Development". In recent years, in parallel with the development of projects, Hung Phu is constantly involved in studying and learning the advance from the countries of highly developed real estate market. At this stage, Hung Phu has been restructuring its organization in accordance with its new progressive step.




From the beginning, business orientation of Hung Phu Company is to invest in construction, development of residential areas, urban areas and tourism, create the best living environment for our customers. Through each period of the company’s development in particular and the society’s in general, business orientation has not changed but applied flexibly in the reality. From the attention to quantity, gradual improvement to quality, service and now towards luxury and professionalism.  

Hung Phu Brand has been affirmed through our customers’ satisfaction. Our prestige is built through strict implementation of commitments to provide real estate products and services with competitive prices - complete legality – transparency in business .


The period of integration opens up a market of fairly competition but not less fierce, if not keeping up, it means eliminating oneself from the market. Understanding that, the company's Board of Management has fully prepared itself to enter the new era. The conversion of our company to a corporation will ensure our capital competitiveness; strengthen and improve staff qualifications through appropriate and quality training courses; expand our investment and modernize working facilities and offices; associate and cooperate with local and foreign partners, etc. these are the right steps that Board of Management of Hung Phu Company has been put into practice.

The goal of Hung Phu Company is not simply to exist, but also to become a strong brand- the brand of international stature in the field of real estate investment and development.

Core Value

"Cooperation - Dedication - Prestige" is the leading element and guideline that Hung Phu Company always aims to during its operation and development. The working environment of Hung Phu Company facilitates everyone to unite into a whole. Based on that solid foundation, each individual will have the opportunity to promote their ability and dedication so that the ultimate result always brings quality products and trust to our customers.